Speaking Engagements

Mr. Mohny Singh, the founder of Roone153™ Financial Advisors is available to speak on the following of his signature speeches :

1) TheGPSProcess™- a 45 minute live presentation of TheGPSProcess™ as a tool for biblical financial stewardship. For a preview, please visit TheGPSProcess™

2) The Past, The Present and The Future - a 45 minute live presentation of Mr.Singh's spiritual journey beginning with his childhood as a Sikh in Singapore and his first encounter with the LORD. For a preview please visit The Past...   3) D.N.A. - a 45 minute live presentation on how to live a purpose driven life through four lifetime goals. Our physical DNA is the blueprint that determines every aspect of our physical life.How we live out our sojourn on the planet is determined by affirming defined daily, weekly, monthly,bi-monthly, quarterly,semi-annual and annual goals areas that are congruent with our lifetime goals. For a preview please visit For a preview please visit The Tailor Tape Exercise and Lifetime goals 4)  king-priest-prophet   -  a 45 minute live presentation of the role of men as kings, priests and prophets of their families. Being a king in one's own castle comes naturally to most men as they command and control. The challenge is to step up to the essential and necessary roles of priest and prophet of their families. Rates: Halifax Regional Municipality - $1,000 Rest of Canada - $2,500 USA - $5,000 Other countries - $10,000 Rates includes honararium and all travelling expenses. For bookings please send an email to speakingengagement@roone153.com